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DarkRP Rules
Server is Semi-Serious
Steam group:


Spawn Rules
  1. No killing / damaging / Tasing other players.

  2. No kidnapping / mugging / stealing.

  3. No arresting.

  4. No building (The Mayor’s law board is an exception).

  5. No Mic spam.

Respect to Others
  1. Harassment of any kind (Sexual / Racial / Etc) is unacceptable and punishable. If you want to make small jokes between your friends, make sure it stays that way. Blatantly harassing a player right next to you is what we deem as unacceptable.

  2. No singling out others for out of character reasons. Nobody enjoys being made fun of, so simply don't do it. This includes disabilities, religion, ethnicity.

  3. In addition to rule 4, do not constantly target players/staff. Ex: Constantly placing hits on a certain person, constantly mugging/kidnapping.

  4. No disrespect.

  5. DarkRP is all about fun. If you join the server to ruin other's fun and RP experience, we'll kindly ask you to stop and if not done so, you'll be punished.

Respect to Staff
  1. The Staff's word is final. If you are in a situation with players and admins about breaking rules, what the admin decides is the final decision.

  2. Running away from an admin on duty when they need you (for example: they teleported you to a situation you are a part of) is seen as "evading situation" and is therefore punishable.

  3. Do as the staff say. If you are speaking over the admin this is considered disrespect. You will be punished.

  4. Do not spam the admin chat (@) with requests. Staff can often get busy and you may have to wait a short amount of time. Use @ and wait patiently, requesting help again every few minutes if you don’t get an answer.

  5. If you have problems with staff, whether it is abuse, disrespect make a report at Do NOT disrespect them in game, this will only cause problems, just go straight to the forums.

  6. Do not lie to staff, ever.

The New Life Rule (NLR)
  1. The new life rule states that upon death, everything specific to your last life is forgotten. You forget who killed you, where you were and why you died. You do not forget the location of your base, members of your party/base/gang and any interactions with others that didn't relate to your death.

  2. If you died during a raid, you may not return to that location until the raid is over.

  3. You may pass by locations you were killed in during NLR, but not interfere or hang around.

  4. If you were killed accidentally, NLR will not apply.

  5. You can wait outside your base for a raid to be over.

  6. The New Life Rule lasts for 3 minutes after death. NLR doesn't apply if you died in a raid and the raid is finished under 3 minutes.

Common Sense Rules
  1. If someone tells you to stop following them and threatens you, you must advert for the person to stop following you under 10 seconds, then you can shoot the if they do not listen.

  2. Don't mic spam.

  3. If someone warns you in an advert to stop throwing bottles, bugbait or aiming a weapon at them, then do so if you don't want to risk being shot.

  4. Don't spam the chat at all.

  5. When a staff brings you, you are excluded from all RP situations at that moment. You are to deal with the staff's concerns and you may continue to RP whenever he returns you or places you back on the streets/public area of RP

  6. Do not spam or abuse your stun stick. Only use it when necessary.

  7. Do not camera spam.

  8. Don't build inappropriate things.

  9. Names which make Staff not be able to target you (Use commands on you) such as hearts or squares or symbols are not allowed unless they contain a variation that makes them able to target you. Example, “♥” by itself is not okay. However, “James ♥” is acceptable because staff can type “James” to target this player.

  10. When staff are online, do not demote, votekick or voteban. Let staff handle any problems.

  11. This goes without saying, but no attempts to crash the server and no advertising at all.

  12. Do not scam players for their items/cash.

  13. You can party up with users that have no RP relation with you, but you cannot defend them in an RP situation.

  14. Do not beg/annoy staff for money.

  15. Don't exploit server glitches, you'll be punished.

  16. Self-supply as any vendor class is not allowed. However, you can spawn in 1 gun to defend yourself.

  17. If someone has a gun up to your face fearRP kicks in, you may not run or pull your gun out to defend yourself. You must listen to there commands, if they dont give any commands then ask them politely to put the gun away.

  18. You are only allowed to use 3d text/advert/textscreens for RP relating to you or your property, no spamming screens or profanities that could potentially upset another player. Only PD can place textscreens in front of PD and the only textscreens you may place must be on a building you own.

  19. Can't Kill yourself to get out an RP situation.

  20. No Messing with people who are jailed this will mean you will be immediately jailed for 120 seconds.

  21. If you are Wanted by cops, all cops are KOS until your Wanted runs out.

  22. You can only donate 15k max to someone.

Prop Abuse
  1. Do not prop climb or prop surf. If you cannot reach an area. You can use props to access areas you own, but they must be permanent and nonfading. The entire area must be owned by the player.

  2. No prop killing.

  3. Do not prop block. This is blocking off any area in general without any way to get around.

  4. No Prop spamming. Prop spamming can harm server stability and will result in a kick or ban.

  5. Do not abuse props and the precision tool. By this, I mean using the precision tool to put a prop outside of the map. It can harm the server’s stability and is, therefore, an instant ban.

  6. Do not abuse the Sit Anywhere addon by sitting on a prop and using the precision tool or moving yourself through props/bases.

  7. Placing props in front of cameras to not be seen is not allowed.

Lockdown Rules
  1. After 1 Minute of a lockdown being called if you are not inside your home / a building, you will be under arrest by cops/swats.

  2. If you have a weapon out during lockdown, it's KOS.

  3. Lockdown can only last for a total of 5 minutes.

  4. Cops can be killed on sight during Lockdowns by ALL criminal jobs.

Base Rules
  1. All bases require at least one entrance in. Other entrances are allowed to be prop blocked.

  2. While building your base, you are allowed to put up a "Building" textscreen that protects you from Roleplay. Once the base is finished the textscreen must be removed. You cannot have money printers, weapon shipments or drugs while you have the textscreen up. Textscreen must also be above font size 50.

  3. The entrance to your base cannot use more than 3 fading doors. You may have an extra fading door to build a small container for printers and other entities in your base but it cannot be another layer of defense.

  4. No invisible props or entities. This is using an invisible material on something. UNLESS THE INVISIBLE PROP IS ON A WORLD WINDOW.

  5. Fading doors or no-collided props cannot be placed right next to other fading doors or buyable doors. This makes the entrance unable to be lock picked as the player will not be able to finish lock picking the second door before the first door becomes materialized.

  6. There has to be room for at least 2 players to fit between each fading door.

  7. Players cannot be forced to crouch to move throughout your base.

  8. You can't use "one-way" props that you can shoot through (by using the material glitch or any other means).

  9. In addition to rule 8, using the material glitch to see through props is not allowed.

  10. KOS Lines are allowed, but you must own the property to put a KOS line on it. You cannot own sidewalks or roads. Without KOS lines, you must warn a person to leave, if they do not listen, then you can kill them.

  11. All fading doors must have a visible keypad on both sides of the door, unless the door is being used as a cover/lid and does not need to be entered.

  12. Death Mazes that are created to confuse or trap players raiding are allowed.

  13. Using no-collided props is acceptable.

  14. All keypads must have a 5 second activation time so that when used, the fading door fades for a minimum of 5 seconds.

  15. You may kill anyone shooting and attempting to raid your base without warning, but you must tell them after why you killed them.

  16. To base with another player, you must own/share all the doors to the building and be in a party with the player(s).

  17. You can only build connectors from ONE roof to another but must own both buildings and the buildings must be close to each other (Staff Discretion).

  18. You may have extensions off your roof, but the extensions may not be more than one prop away from the roof.

  19. When making a defense in your base, the intruder must be able to see you when you're shooting at them. They must be able to shoot at you also.

  20. Unreasonable KOS signs are not allowed. Example: "KOS BEING ANNOYING, KOS IF I SAY SO" isn’t allowed.

  21. Loitering signs are allowed, but there must be a 20-second loitering warn till you can KOS. Loiter sign must also be font size 50 minimum and obvious.

  22. Mega Bases are allowed. This means you're allowed to block off an area. Although, there must be 2 people per building to block off an area. You can block off or put KOS lines in the beginning of tunnels. You can only base with jobs that you're allowed to base with in these Mega Bases.

  23. You cannot no-collide 1-way props. You can only no collide solid non see through props.

  24. You cannot RP while Building. This means you can't mug, raid, kidnap, sell, buy, etc.

  25.  If you leave your base while building you must remove your building sign.

  26. You cannot build or alter your base while you are being raided. Ex. If you forget to put a building sign up and someone raids you, all building in progress must stop and you must defend the base.

  27. All RP Text Screens that are made to warn the public or make them aware of something must be at or above font size 50.

  28. If your base/building (whatever you built) could potentially cause problems for someone with epilepsy and you are asked to remove it, you must do so. Staff have final say.

  29. You Cannot place yourself inside of No-collided prop(s) so that you will not be able to take damage from Weapons of any class. Ex. hiding in a prop that cannot be shot through, but a thrown melee weapon will.

  30. You cannot prop block your money printers, weapon shipments, or drugs off in your base. They must be raidable. Ex: Making it impossible for others to take/use your printers with a prop is not allowed.

  31. In addition to rule 30, you cannot have multiple buttons or keypads for one printer box, the button or keypad must be clearly visible and clearly accessible.

  32. Ramps inside bases must be on toggle, meaning they do not fade out after 5 seconds.

  33. Ramps inside bases must also be built so the person using the ramp cannot fall off.

  34. You cannot force a raider to fight through the rest of your base. Meaning, you cannot drop them off a ramp so they must go through the rest of your base, etc. They must be able to go out the same way they came in.

Raiding Rules
  1. Only some criminal jobs may raid. This works as follows:
  2. Guards, Mercenaries, and Custom Mercenaries can raid, but they must be paid to do so and must raid with the employer.
  3. You can kill anyone on the property you are raiding. However, you cannot kill people on the street unless they are firing at you / damaging you. You may kill a member of the base right outside the property, but they cannot be near another base.
  4. If police are trying to stop you from raiding, you may kill them.
  5. When raiding, at least one of your group must press "Z" then click the "Raid" tab before beginning the raid, and then adverting "Raid over" when over, successful or not.
  6. Pertaining to rule #6, you must /ad "Assist" within 30 seconds of the /ad "Raid" if you want to join in on the raid OR be in the same party.
  7. Raiding the police department requires you to advertise "PD Raid".
  8. You cannot raid bases with a building sign.
  9. You cannot assist in a raid at all after dying.
  10. When the raid is over, you cannot raid the same building for 5 minutes, regardless of success or failure.
  11. You cannot counter raid a base, you may only counter raid if someone is raiding the Police Department and the bank.
  12. You cannot create your own cover through props while raiding.
  13. In addition to rule 13, you may not spawn any props while raiding.
  14. You may only raid the Police Department every 10 minutes.
  15. You can't camp a base, but you can stay to collect items from drugs/ moving printers, but you can't produce more.
  16. When raiding the bank, you must advert /advert Bank Raid
  17. Cooldown between each bank raid is 10 minutes.
  18. You cannot place a building sign to keep your base from being raided.

Bind Rules
  1. We allow binds/macros, however, when it comes to mugging or kidnapping, rules are put in place to ensure a fair environment.

  2. When mugging and kidnapping, you cannot advertise "the target player has been stripped of their weapons, knocked out, etc". If you do not know what is allowed and what isn't, ask a member of staff.

  3. Each advert must have a separate bind. This is for clarity. If you are unsure of what this means, ask a member of staff.

  4. If you want a Hobo to stop throwing bottles, you must advert a hobo warn.

  5. If you want any player to stop following, you must advert them to stop following.

  6. When adverting anything, you must have 1 subject in the bind or advert. For example, /advert PD RAID/RAIDOVER/BANK RAID isn't allowed. You must separate each binding/advert. However, /advert RAID/RAID ASSIST in one bind or /advert is allowed.

  7. When warning some please give them ten seconds. Example: Warning: Get away from me! [10 Seconds or KOS]


Police Rules

  1. You must attempt to arrest before using lethal force unless lethal force is used against you or otherwise stated in laws.

  2. If a suspect attempts to flee and has a chance of getting away, lethal force is permitted.

  3. The maximum price for bail is $5000.

  4. You must obey the mayor at all times.

  5. You may not create/join a base or own printers.

  6. All weapons are legal for you to use.

  7. You must warn a player to put away an illegal weapon before arresting them. This applies until there is a Mayor with a law stating otherwise.

  8. By using the Weapon Checker, you may confiscate weapons ONLY, if there is a valid reason as stated in rule 9.

  9. No random weapon checking. You must have a legitimate reason to believe that a person is carrying an illegal weapon. Just because their job is likely to carry weapons, you do not have the right to check them.

  10. You may accept bribes from gangsters and thieves to look the other way in certain situations. You can become a bad cop. You can pass off any information about the mayor.

  11. If you do not accept a bribe, you may arrest the suspect.

  12. You may not have KOS into PD Lobby, but the mayor may have a law requiring weapon checks before entering PD Lobby.

  13. Only the Mayor and the Police Chief may build inside the Police Department. Police may also not build outside of the police department, excluding the Mayor's law board.

  14. You may not cover the PD Money, and make it a fading door.

  15. If you Warrant someone that means that all cops are KOS for that person until Warrant runs out

  16. If someone has a textscreen up that weapons checks are required in PD lobby Police must warn the person that they are weapon checking them and also allow them the option to leave the PD. A cop informing you that they are going to weapon check you is not an excuse for you to RDM them you either allow the weapon check or leave no other action will be taken against you.




  1. Only thieves, gangsters, and terrorists can mug.

  2. You must /advert "Mug (and the amount of money you wish to receive)" before demanding money from someone.

  3. If you receive the full amount of money, you cannot kill your target.

  4. The maximum amount you can mug for is $1000.

  5. The player must be given a minimum of 15 seconds to drop the money, but you may kill them if they do anything more than type.

  6. You have to make it clear that your target is being mugged.

  7. Leaving the server, switching jobs or finding a way to kill yourself to avoid being mugged is Fail RP and punishable.

  8. There is a 3-minute cooldown between each mugging.

  9. You must be in the party with someone to help them mug the target.

  10. If you mug a person with a party, your party members that helped you mugged must also wait for the mugging cooldown.

  11. On addition to mugging - Thieves must advert /advert Steal to steal items. This doesn't include items in a raid. Only thieves can steal.

  12. No Counter-Mugging.




  1. You can only have two people held hostage at a time.

  2. The maximum you can force someone to pay to be released is $10,000

  3. If you want to assist in a kidnapping, you need to be in a party with the other player(s) who’s kidnapping.

  4. There is a 5-minute cooldown between each kidnapping. The cooldown starts once you get the victim to your base.

  5. You have 5 minutes to transport the kidnapped person, and 10 minutes for keeping them hostage.

  6. You can only blindfold/gag a person when transporting them to your base. So when they're inside, you must ungag and remove the blindfold.

  7. You can only use restraints when kidnapping.

  8. While being kidnapped, and held captive, you cannot request help in party chat/OOC/advert/cr. It is Fail RP.

  9. You must /advert "Kidnap" when trying to kidnap someone. You cannot say "you have been gagged/stripped of weapons/stuffed in a bag" etc. This is seen as Fail RP.

  10. Only the police may interfere with the kidnapping, unless it is another group's party member.

  11. You cannot tie a person to a prop. Only if the prop is stationary and close to the ground.

  12. You cannot tie someone so that they are hanging this makes them bounce up and down and not be able to be released.

  13. No Counter-Kidnap.



  1. You must /advert Mayor Assassination

  2. The maximum time between each assassination is 30 minutes.

  3. You can't assassinate a new mayor, wait at least 10 minutes before doing it.

  4. You're only allowed to assassinate as an Anarchist.


Job Rules:

Drug Dealer

  1. Dealing Drugs is illegal, cops can warrant you for it.

  2. Hearing drugs does not warrant a search, you must have seen them

  3. You may base with any job, besides vendors/hobos/police




  1. You have to be hired to commit illegal actions, such as raiding, kidnapping, mugging, etc...

  2. You cannot hire a mercenary to kill someone, that is the job of a hitman.

  3. You cannot make a base as a mercenary. You may set up a stand with a sign for hire on the streets, but do not restrict public access

  4. You can guard someone’s base, but as stated in rule #1, you must be paid to do so

  5. The Mercenary class is legal, police cannot arrest you for advertising your expertise

  6. Hiring prices range from 1000 to 50,000 dollars, charging more can be done but only if you job is completed.


Gun Dealer / Black Market Dealer

  1. You must sell to everyone, with the exception to Black Market Dealers selling to cops.

  2. You cannot scam players. If you receive payment for a weapon you must give the player the exact weapon requested.

  3. You can only base/party with Black Market Dealers, Gun Dealers, and Paramedics,

  4. You can base with Guards/Mercenaries if they are paid.

  5. You cannot participate in raids.

  6. You may build a street stand as long as it does not block the flow of traffic on the streets

  7. Black Market Dealers are illegal, and cannot sell weapons legally.

  8. Black Market Dealers can make shops, but they cannot be caught by the police that they are the black market, or risk being warranted and arrested. 



  1. Hobos/Vendors/Mercenaries are the only classes allowed to build in public spaces (See class specific rules)

  2. Whatever you build cannot block off a public area, or otherwise be an obstacle to travel around the map

  3. Do not build inside or next to spawn

  4. Hobos cannot throw bottles at Staff on Duty, and can be jailed for even throwing one (Staff Discretion)

  5. If you are building next to a player owned base and they ask you to remove the props, you have to remove them

  6. You can squat in unowned houses until someone buys the house

  7. Going off rule #6, if you do not leave the house when the player buys it, you can be killed if you do not leave

  8. You CANNOT own printers

  9. Staff have final say on any hobo structures

  10. You cannot be a mobile-mic spammer. 

  11. You cannot create toll gates.

  12. You cannot use fading doors to restrict access to areas, but you can use them for decoration

  13. Hobos are not allowed to equip any weapons except for knives and machetes

  14. Hobos cannot be mugged, kidnapped, or raided



  1. The mayor can accept bribes to ignore crimes, excluding Government Bank Raids

  2. You can own/regulate money printers, just dont let cops see them.

  3. If they mayor makes a KOS law against all weapons, this applies to private areas as well as public. If they see you, they have full authority to use lethal force. This only applies to weapons.

  4. If you see crimes being committed, you may not enforce the law. You can want/warrant, no police-like actions may be performed

  5. You may not make the Police Department's lobby KOS/AOS. You can require a weapon check, but give them the option to leave without consequences

  6. Do not make laws to target players in personal means. Fun is fun, but harassment is bannable

  7. You cannot have fading doors outside the PD as Mayor, however, you may own a separate house.

  8. The maximum gun license price is 5000. If you charge over that, you will have to pay them back double

  9. The mayor can use any weapon BESIDES sniper rifles.

  10. The maximum lockdown time is 10 minutes, but you must have an actual RP reason to have it occur. After the event has subsided, you MUST end the lockdown. (Staff Discretion)

  11. Shooting windows are allowed in the reception window of the Police Department

  12. While making laws, you cannot target any individual class or person ((unless job class says KOS)(Ex. Mercenaries are KOS… Or If “player name” is caught walking, you can kill him)) That is considered metagame



  1. Similar to the Mercenary, the Guard must be paid for their work

  2. You cannot make your own base, you must be paid to defend someone else’s base. Like a mercenary, you can make a streetside stand adverting your work

  3. As a guard, your job is to guard the base. You can be paid to be a body guard. Your job is to protect the base from people raiding

  4. Do not stun stick abuse




  1. You can only base alone or with Dealers and other medics. You cannot linger in bases.

  2. You must heal everyone, but you don’t have to charge everyone the same rate

  3. The maximum price you can charge for a full heal is 5000

  4. Medics cannot assist in a raid in any form.

  5. Medics may build a small building on the streets to heal people



Hitman/Elite Hitman 

  1. The maximum you can set a hit price is 10,000.

  2. You cannot raid, but you can include yourself in a raid if your target is in that base. You can also kill anyone in that base as long as your target is in that base

  3. In addition to Rule 2, you cannot take or destroy any items in the base

  4. Do not request that someone place a hit on a certain person in order to harass them

  5. Players cannot constantly place hits on the same person

  6. Hitmen cannot party with any job

  7. Soliciting Hits are KOS by government officials.



Secret Service

  1. must have a warrent to raid.

  2. If you're not planning to raid someone, you must protect the Mayor at all times.




  1. You can't build.

  2. You can't kill, mug, raid or do anything illegal.

  3. You cannot randomly bite players (Left clicking bites).

  4. Pets cannot be kidnapped or mugged.

  5. You can't hold weapons.

  6. You can be a stray pet.



  1. You can be paid by somebody to gather information about their base, however, you may not take anything from the targets base.

  2. You may only raid when being paid

  3. You cannot defend cops outside of a raid.

  4. You may work for both criminals and for the government.

  5. Minimum pay amount is 5000


Terrorist Leader / Terrorist 

  1. You can only jihad against government officials.

  2. There is a 5-minute cooldown on dropped C4.

  3. Only Terrorist Leader can advert Terror.

  4. Only terrorists may participate in a Terror.
  5. 20-minute cooldown between /ad Terror

  6. You must /advert "C4 Plant" or something similar to signal you are going to plant C4.

  7. There is a 15-minute cooldown between Jihad.

  8. You must /advert "Jihad" when you are going to Jihad.

  9. Only terrorists may own C4.

  10. Terrorists may not sell C4 or distribute C4.
  11. Terrorist is a KOS job.



  1. You can base with other dealers.

  2. You can charge people money to see you dance.

  3. You cannot build in public


Thief/pro thief

  1. You may only base with other criminal classes.

  2. You can base and raid alone.

  3. You can mug, raid, and kidnap alone.


Banker/Bank Guard

  1. You may only build inside Bank.

  2. Only the Banker may build inside the Bank unless they give the Bank Guards permission.

  3. You may not place props or fading doors inside the lobby of the Bank.

  4. You cannot assist anyone in raiding the bank, if found doing so you will be punished.

  5. Bank employees cannot break NLR to defend the Bank.



  1. You cannot build your station on the streets or sidewalks. You can, however, place your radios in raidable boxes on the sidewalk. 

  2. You can only base with civilians, security guards, pets, fight club managers, and children.

  3. You can occasionally play a song. You cannot mic spam continuous songs as that is the role of hobos and the club owner.

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