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Hello weirdo's!, its me The Top Ramen King back with this wonderful community! im going to take some time to introduce myself, give some background knowledge about me and tell you about the future of WGZ! ill first start off about myself. Im 20 years old and im currently in the Military( Marine Corps) you can hate all you want on the military but it was my choice even if you think were slaves to the government. I think its one of the best choices I made, you can talk all the negativity you want about it but you dont truly know what its like unless youve served or are currently serving. For anyone else who reads this and made the choice of serving i salute to you and hope we can have some military inside jokes. but enough of the military talk, some of you know how WGZ has been where it starts up and dies. Well the past few times has been due to how busy i was and lack of motivation. I have gotten my head in the right path. Im currently working on a DarkRP while my coder is working on the Basewars ( I know its taking forever!).  But im hoping that it comes out as good as i think it will and thats the basewars and the DarkRP.

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