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China's Application
In game Name-SteamID: STEAM_0:0:148312351
Current Age: 13
Play time on WGZ: 7 Hours
Reason for Joining: My friend joined squishy lemon 
Who Recommended  you: To what 
Do you Have a Mic: Yes
Timezone: Why do you want to know. Are you going to stalk me? Sydney, Australia 
Living Location: I just told you 
Life in General: Australian or how you say it being scared or everything because there is snakes every where that want to kill you 
How active are you?: I will be active if there is a reason or i play garrys mod which is a lot because i have 1k+ hours on the game so it will be no problem to play on this server and it is also fun so it will be cool and i can mess around with squishylemon which is always fun as he is good and i can talk to you again about how australia is so deadly and how everything will kill you even a bush. So i will be active is i want to be active and active ness is not a problem even thought you might not see me on i am still active any way i live in AUSTRALIA and you live some where else and thats good but you probably wont see me on same with squishylemon because of that reason so you know! Also i can buy some cars and run people over because that fun and other servers have really expensive cars that dont allow you to get one because they are so expensive to buy 
Accepted, welcome to the community! you ay now wear the [WGZ] tag in your name
We all have to die one day, so why be afraid of death?

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