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Suggestion 2
The things MAY be already added but since i'm an lazy ass i won't check everything to see if it's added. So if it's added ignore that part and move on.

  Job                Role                                                                                   Advert Timer                               Weapons , Equipment
Kidnapper         Kidnaps people                                                                  15 Minutes                                    Stunstick (That knocks out players), Restrains,
Cultist               Kidnaps people to perform rituals                                         10 Minutes                                    Knife, Restrains, Stun Stick, Medival Torch (If there are any)
Cultist Leader    Same as Cultist, Can Control Cultists, Says who to worship     Can advert takeover every 40 Minutes   Machete, Best restrains, Stun Stick, Torch
Medic               Heals people (Can go on raids)                                            Raid timer like for everyone else           Health kit
Prostitute          You know what she does.                                                        None                                             Prostitute SWEP
Bank Robber     Robs banks (If there are any)                                                 20 Minutes                                       M4, Bayonet, Picklock, M9 Berreta
Lawyer             Does lwayer stuff                                                                       None                                           Middle Finger SWEP

-Print Less
-Better Names
-VIP Printers

-Black Market Dealer guns should be diffrent prices and cheaper since a M60 is not that expensive and it's a LMG it should be for a Heavy Gun Dealer
- Diffrent prices for every weapon

For now that's it ill add to it if i have any ideas

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