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[R]1. No racist, sexist, and rage comments. This includes:
-Other Players

[R]2. No Random Death Matching (RDM). This means no killing people illegally.
-Taking random shots at someone at any range or distance
-Killing someone when they are not in a raid zone
-Shooting anyone in general while not raiding and/or not in a raid zone
Not RDM:
-Getting shot in a killzone (defined by RED ropes)
-Getting killed in a raid area (where the enemy base is in direct line of sight or around the corner)
-Getting killed because you were attempting to do one of the previous stated actions of RDM
-Getting shot in a hazard zone (the area before a raid zone) Note: IF killed in a HAZARD zone it is partially your fault for being near it in the first place (A Hazard zone is defined as the area before the raid zone and for example a raid zone could be the desert town. The hazard zone is the underpass to reach the desert and the leading edges of the town (AKA Possible sniping points)

[A]3. No Spamming of any kind (chat, mic, etc.) Unless follows the criteria.
[R]4. Do not try to cause problems. Concerns can be posted on the forums and can be directed to the highest ranking staff member if applicable.
[A]5. No propkilling or attempted propkilling.
[R]6. No propsurfing or propclimbing or using a prop as defense (blocking bullets, pushing people).
[A]7. Hacking will result in a Permanent Ban. No appeals.
[A]8. No abuse of bugs in the game or gamemode.
[A]9. NLR (Or "New Life Rule) is NOT in effect. This isn't freaking RP.
[A]10. Don't ask for Ranks on the server. Post an application on the forums.
[A]11. Impersonating staff names or ranks results in instaban.

Basing Rules

[A]1.A raidable base is defined as a base with one or more: Gun Factories, Drug Labs, Stable and Unstable Meth Labs, Weed Plants, or any kind of printer that is owned by the people in the base.

[R]2. Basers are allowed to setup and enforce killzones(Large red ropes) using ropes. Loitering is not allowed (Staying along the kill line or near the kill line and not raiding). Note: Scouting is allowed if the player plans to leave after a few seconds. Elastics are not allowed. Jumping inside and outside a kill line allows the base defenders to attack you.
Typical Killzone:
-Red Lines that are easy to see from a distance
-Lines that indicate a possible "entrance" to the base
-An area where other non base defenders can be shot and killed

[A]3. The use of indestructible/untorchable props and entities is prohibited.

[A]4. You are only allowed to build in your own base area. You are not allowed to build spawn points near another persons base unless allowed to. If the player forgets to say something like "you are no longer allowed to put this spawn near my base" then you are allowed to keep it there in case of a future raid. If this is not applicable then the spawn point must be in your own base.

[A]5. Your base size depends on how many people are basing with you. Example: 1 person should NOT take up half the town.
[R]6. Prop traps or wire traps of any kind are NOT allowed.
[A]9. Invisible props are NOT allowed to be used to defend your base (this includes materials and colour tools and wire).
[R]10. No Skybases. A skybase is defined as a base that can only be reach by climbing on props- no extending bases from towers with props.

Raid Rules

1.A Raid is defined as doing one of the following
◦Destroying Base Props
◦Attacking Defenders
◦Destroying Money printers or entities
2. You must have a raidable base or be basing with someone to raid.
3. Bases must have 1 raidable entity to be raided.
4. You must scan BEFORE raiding, or have someone else scan. You cannot raid if a scan was over five minutes ago.

5. A base with a Nuclear/Nova/SuperNova Money printer does need to be scanned to be raided, but you still need a raidable base.
6. You can shoot someone in your killzones and near them if they are attacking, or if you know they are going to attack. We know if you're just being a **** or not.
7. Scanning does NOT mean they ARE going to raid you. You cannot kill them if their across the map and they scan you. If they are in the hazard zone then WARNING shots may be taken (shooting in the air, because shooting near them may accidentally make them think your trying to kill them).
7. If a bigbomb is defused, no one may raid the attacked base for 10 minutes. IF it is successful bombing the raiding may continue. Another big bomb is not allowed after the first one has detonated.
8. A raid is over when all the defenders profitables are destroyed. The raiders are allowed to stay and destroy the remaining entities (dispensers and generators). Raiders are NOT allowed to profit from a defenders printed money, they must be destroyed during a raid. If the defenders enter the area (the distance where rifles can used effectively without having to use iron sights, they are attackable. 
9. Raiders may only place 5 C4 at any given time to prevent C4 spam. Heavily punishable.
10. You can't destroy any of your raidable items DURING A RAID.
11. You cannot build or rebuild DURING THE RAID. 
12. During a raid if only people in, or firing into killzones may be shot
13. If the raiders do not return to the base after 1 minute the defenders are allowed to rebuild. and if the raiders do not return after 5 minutes, they automatically surrender.
14. If the raiders surrender, THOSE raiders cannot raid the attacked base for 10 minutes. You surrender when you SAY you surrender, or 5 minutes go by where you don't attack.
15. If all the raiders die they are allowed to come back and keep attacking until one of the other criteria to end a raid is met.
16. YOU CANNOT propblock a BIG BOMB AND/OR C4's or build a base around a BIG BOMB AND/OR C4's to defend it.
17. Checkpoints (spawnpoint, supplytable, or dispenser) are allowed if the checkpoint is reasonably far from the base.
18. If a raid goes on for more than 5-10 minutes and the raiders are unable to enter the "main" door. The raid is technically a failed attempt and the raider must scan again after 5 minutes.
19. Scanners are used for detecting raidable entities, not approve raiding on a certain player. This would mean the defender must be in their base at the time of scanning. Scanners also need to be level two in order to print the entities to the console.

Raidable Entities:
-Any Form of printer(Silver+)
-Drug Labs (Drug Refineries are NOT raidable)
-Unstable and Stable Meth Labs
-If the base has more than 2 Gun Factories

Non Raidable Entities:
-Any form of Dispenser
-Supply Tables
-Gun Vaults or Pillboxes
-BIG BOMBs that may have been spawned
-Bank Vaults
-Radar Towers

Tool Gun rules

No-collided spy craft is not allowed.
2. No Invisible props.
3. No-colliding entities is NOT allowed. Exception: Generators.
4. Cameras are not allowed to be physgunned into bases.
5. Easy Precision is not to be used to push props into other peoples bases.
6. No form of hydraulic elevator/lift to get in to another persons base.

Staff Rules

Staff visit the Basewars Administration Standard Procedures and Regulations topic to read more about staff behaviour.

No Admin powers are allowed to be used during a raid.
1. All Other rules apply
2. Report ALL abuse of others of equal or above rank to your superiors. Do NOT take action until you get the okay from a Super Admin or up.
3. Follow the protocol on how to handle the specific rule breakers.
4. Don't abuse your power.
5. Powers are only to be used when dealing with server problems.
6. No bending the rules or the rules will bend you...
7. Teleporting players to your base NOT during a raid is legal. Teleporting to a raid or a person during a raid is not allowed unless required due to rule breaking.
8. No, we are not in godmode.
9. Staff are not supposed to have any advantage against users (unreachable spots, admin bases, higher hp, etc)
10. Noclip is used to get around, go to rule breakers, and administrate, not fly back to your death spot during a raid.
11. The higher staff member will ALWAYS have the final say. It is not always true that their opinion is correct.
12. Dont ask for ranks you wll be promoted when we think its your time.

Note: Admin Actions are logged separately from the server log. It is very easy to find admin command abusers. Dont think you can hide it from using ULX from the console.


1.If you find that a person is causing trouble on the server such as small RDMing you are to first use the ragdoll, maul, jail, freeze, slay, ETC and explain the stupid thing they did. The 2nd time they are causing trouble they can be kicked. However the third time is to ban them.
2.Hacking, Massive RDM, and Intentionally wanting to crash the server are the one of the many major crimes and you should know whats a major and minor crime. First a warning must be given with a kick, fun command. You don't need to explain what stupid thing they did because they know what they are doing, just give a warning. 2nd time they are doing it just perma ban them and give yourself a cookie


Use @ to first request assistance from online server staff.
2. If there is no staff on, all reports should be handled through the forums at
3. Get proof before you post a report otherwise you will probably be ignored.
4. Do not bother Admins who are not on the server unless it is a very serious situation such as threats of DoS or hacking.
5. False reports of serious problems to get an admin on the server will probably get you in trouble.
6. Admin decisions are final on the server. However if you fell it is unjust post a request on the forums and we will look into it if you bring 

Thank You! by reading this that means you accept the rules and agreements now have fun basing
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