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I want to suggest some stuff that for me sound good. 


- DJ With a DJ Controller --added
- Kidnapper -- added
- Rapist -- maybe added
- Hobo, Hobo King (Leads the Hobo Army) -- ADDED
-President (Like with Donald Trump model) (Does President stuff)           
- Police Juggernaut (With Payday 2 models) (Destroys evrything)
- Police Medic (With Payday 2 model) (Heals wounded Officers in action)
- Car Mechanic (Repairs Vehicles) -- Unsure if i want vehicles 
- Shop Owner (Sells whatever he wants)
- Restaurant Owner (Sells food) -- server doesnt have hunger mod, not sure how to have this in server
- Guard (You pay he guards) -- Has been in jobs since server started
- Terrorist, Terrorist Leader (Terrorist Leader does /advert Terror and all Terrorists can KOS) -- ADDED( rules will be made so they cant just walk around rdming and causing to much terror

Other Stuff:
- Add a better f4 Menu (That doesnt lag)
- More Interactive printers (With menus on them)
- Destructable Doors (So you can destroy them)

The President job could lbe 2 players apply on forums and fight over the President spot like In real life posters and stuff Elections.

Thanks. Heart
Thank you, ill take these into consideration

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